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John C. Christiansen

    Our approach to business, and we think the most important aspect of our business, is to produce the best possible product. The method of processing, bottling, and storing our milk assures quality and freshness. 
    Packaging our milk, cream, and orange juice predominantly in glass bottles, along with our home delivery of all dairy products is our most valuable marketing niche.
    Christiansen's Dairy Co. was started by Alfred Christiansen in the 1920's. After renting a barn, he bought a few baby chicks, a few cows, and a horse and wagon. He started delivering milk and eggs house to house. The milk was in large milk cans and when he arrived at a customer's house, they would come out with a pitcher. With a quart measure ladle, he would measure the amount of milk - the customer needed to put it in their pitcher. The ladle was his means of distribution and pricing.
    As time went on and his business prosperedJohn & Jay Christiansen, Alfred bought the land where Christiansen's Dairy is presently located. He built the dairy, bought processing equipment (as state mandated pasteurization), bought a bottle washer, and a few Divco trucks.
    Throughout the years, Christiansen's Dairy has bought several dealers due to the arrival of Cumberland Farms and other convenience stores. Thus, we have come from horse drawn wagons to Divco trucks and modern dairy equipment. We are into the third generation of Christiansen's Dairy and we love our family business. We have grown with sheer determination, hard work, long hours, dependable employees and, last but not least, a sense of humor.

So far, it has worked for us.

    We at Christiansen's Dairy sponsor a variety of youth sports teams in North Providence and Smithfield. Also we donate goods and money to various churches, schools, elderly and town organizations.

 John, Jay Christiansen & Debra


"Only the BEST comes in GLASS!!"

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