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North Providence, RI 02911
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Please feel free to write about your experience with Christiansen's Dairy. We pride ourselves on our quality service.

Your Name: Rich
Your Comments: Fantabulously fresh milk - Excellent Coffee Milk - all delivered with a smile! Great!
Name: don
City: greenville
Comments: Great Egg Nog,rich and creamy,makes great french toast or a creamy cheese cake. You would love the taste.
Name: Sandy
City: Franklin
Comments: We have been receiving Christiansen's Dairy deliver for over 30 years. It is the best milk and the family who owns the business are the nicest people. They always go above and beyond for us. They even deliver my milk in snow storms. They are the best and we will never change! Their home delivery is very convienient and not only do they have the BEST milk but other great products!
Name: Troy
City: Olympia, WA
Comments: I miss Christiansen's Milk! The site is great and makes me miss R.I.
Name: llera
City: johnston
Comments: I remember,when me and my 9 brothers and sisters..used to wait at the door every Saturday morning..for the milk person,we would get milk,cream,cheese,juice,and jelly donuts,thats about the only milk i would drink so fresh and creamy..those where the best days ever!
Name: Hair Sanity Hair Salon
City: Greenville
Comments: I am so excited the MILKMAN is coming to my salon to bring fresh milk and cream for my clients coffee!!!
Come try some........ with a haircut!!

thanks daddy!!!!
Name: Gail
City: Cranston
Comments: I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent delivery today. It was our first delivery, and I didn\'t return home from work until later in the day. There on my porch was the insulated box containing my delivery order as requested. There had been ice placed on top so carefully. The milk was still wonderfully cold in the glass bottles...just in time for our grandbabies\' visit. BOY! Did they enjoy your milk! Just a shame you don\'t deliver to Bradford, RI where they live! Oh well...they\'ll just have to come to Grammy and Grampy\'s house to visit and drink all our milk! Life is good...please thank our delivery person again for us....looking forward to next week...
Name: John
City: Providence
Comments: We have been a customer for over 25 years and the milk is good today as it was 25 years ago. They have excalent customer service.
Name: Hamilton
City: Johnston
Comments: Just placed another large order and it wouldn't all fit into the box I had so the driver leaves me a note saying he will be back by on his way home with a second box and the rest of my order because he didn't want anything to spoil! He even thanked me! That is the kind of customer service this country was built on. Keep up the good work you have made another loyal customer.
Name: Richard
City: Greenville
Comments: The convenience factor ....of not going to markets ....fresh milk bottles big plus for Quality. Before We signed up use to buy at local markets Dave's and Stop and Shop and on average the milk tasted funky from both of these stores at least 1 out 6 times...I could tell if the milk was bad drinking a little of milk as a taste test..
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