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Name: Bruce Byron
City: Abilene, Texas
Comments: My congratulations go out to you. My late father, Roderick W. Byron was both a competitor and long-time supporter of your family business. My father owned and operated Cherry Knoll Farm and sold and distributed milk from wagons, 3/4 ton pickup trucks, and at the end, Divco trucks as your family now does. He was always on a smaller scale than your family's business and was forced to stop distributing milk in the 1970's due to poor health and Alzheimer's Disease which later took his life in 1992 while he lived with me in Midland, Texas. I remember your family's tasteful black and white trucks and your building in North Providence. I applaude your article, and wish that we had written an article about our father that would have documented our father's business from 1932 until about 1975. Every experience my father had and your customers related to us as friends and competitors was the best any business could hope for. My congratulations to you both.


Bruce J. Byron
Name: Brittney Smith
City: San Antonio
Comments: The dairy has been a part of my life since I was born....Recently moved to Texas and missing their products a lot! Nothing can compare to Christiansen's Dairy! Truly a one of a kind establishment!
Name: Bruce Johnson
City: Pawtucket
Comments: I don't think I have enjoyed fresh milk when I was a baby. I now have 2 grandsons and am glad to have them drink fresh milk every week. They will enjoy for as long as I keep buying it.
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